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Screenshot of a winning AAPL options trade that Malcolm alerted. Just ask for more evidence of legit trades!

Mark from Colorado says… “If you hope to make money in the stock market, how do you know who you can trust? Stock alert services, and the people who run them, are everywhere. Plenty of gurus exist today who are ready to take your money based on false promises and fake claims. Russell Barbour is NOT one of them — he is one of the good guys! Not only is he a seasoned trader, but he genuinely likes helping new traders. About a year ago I was brand new to trading, and if I didn’t have Russell to trust I’m sure I would have blown up my account. When I first started trading I stumbled across Russell’s blog. As I read his reviews I found him to be authentic, honest, and not-at-all-like the scammers out there. Then I reached out to Russell and got to know him personally (as a friend) — try that with some of these big name alert gurus! Russell is the real thing in a world of pretenders, and his mentoring is the reason I’ve had a little success in the stock market. If you are searching for a stock alert service you can trust, then you owe it to yourself (and your bank account) to work with Russell and SideKick Traders. My guess is you’ll soon be thanking him like I did!”