Russell’s Story


I have been trading stocks for about 8 years. Over this time, I have been a member of countless ‘stock alerts services’.

 I learned to trade stocks from people like Jason Bond, Kyle Dennis, Tim Sykes, Paul Scolardi and Cameron Fous.

I started my career as a scientist (Physics, PhD) and immigrated to the USA from Scotland in 2009. I quickly discovered that my heart was in trading stocks and entrepreneurship and quit my job to trade full-time.

I was truly miserable as a 9-5 employee and ended up severely depressed from working long hours for low pay. My goal with SideKickTraders is to build a community of the BEST people and traders online.

These days, I specialize in making money by scalping stock alerts services ‘pumps’. Quick. Easy. Big Money.


The main goal is to take from my experiences with stock alerts services and make SideKickTraders NOTHING like those!

No pump and dumps. No front-running subscribers. No insane prices.


We have a team of fantastic traders (many of them full-time professionals) as well as a thriving Discord community.



SideKick Traders Mission


None of the alerts services (20+) that I have been a member of have been that great.


Some of the problems that plague most alerts services (that SideKick Traders aims to address!) are:


Cost. Most services are overpriced or lock the membership in for an extended period of time with a very limited refund/cancellation policy.


Difficulty replicating the results of the traders sending the alerts. SideKick Traders addresses this with real-time live-streaming group sessions where we place the trade.


Overwhelming amount of alerts. SideKick Traders focuses on quality over quantity. One ‘official’ trade a day a fixed time (9:30am – 10am ET). There are many other trade ideas throughout the day, but I ignore them!


Lack of community and/or access to premium trading tools. Many services just email or SMS an alert randomly to subscribers. SideKick Traders provides an active server on Discord complete with access to premium tools and professional traders for advice.



(be sure to read our Terms and Conditions before signing up)

Meet the rest of the team!

We have a diverse team of professional and semi-professional stock and options traders. These guys are the BEST people and superb at their particular trading niche.


Marian Rose

I met Marian when she barely knew what a chart was. I’ve watched her grow by basically working like a beast day and night… she is making thousands of dollars a month trading. She was instrumental in the founding of SideKickTraders.


She runs Marian Movers in SideKickTraders discord. This is a service that runs during pre-market all the way through to after-hours! She focuses on small cap stocks that are driven by news and have excellent technical setups.

Malcolm Dias

Malcolm runs Malcolm Gap Trades in SideKickTraders. The Gap Trades are simple options trades that he livestreams daily from market open until 10am ET at the latest. His track record day trading options and swing trading is outstanding.

Malcolm also runs Malcolm Swing Trades ( a mixture of stock and options that are held for days to weeks) and alerts some options selling for premium trades.

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