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1) Daily Morning Gap Trade.

 A single options trade EVERYDAY at the market open! Done by 10am ET.  Run by Russell & Malcolm (10+ years trading experience between us!).

Join us daily on a video livestream as we outline the trade idea, buy the contracts and manage the trade!

We usually sell within 20 minutes.


This single trade alert a day has a 80% – 90% win rate!

With an average win of about 10%! We alert in REAL-TIME!



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Livestreaming allows members to follow along with Malcolm and the team. Essentially trading alongside of them.




2) Swing Trade Ideas & Alerts.

Malcolm has a 96% track record with swing trades over the last few months. These ideas are post in our channel.

Here is a snapshot of our recent swing trading track record….

Meet Malcolm Video Below!

3) Day Trade Ideas & Alerts.

We scalp and day trade many stocks all day and after hours! We rely on news feeds, subscription services and other tools to take money out of the market!

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4) The BEST algo bots that alert the best technical charts for going both long and short. These channels are awesome and some traders make a living from just trading these alerts! The bots are based on world-class algo software.

5) A team of full-time professional traders that specialize in stocks and options trading. These guys post their trades and offer tips and tricks on trading throughout the day!